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2021 Sale Highlights

Under the beautiful fall foliage of the Wasatch Mountains and a steady drip of welcomed rain The National Ram Sale was an exhilarating success.  A premier group of sheep were assembled and discerning buyers came ready to bid.  There was a marvelous spirit of camaraderie and friendship, and many volunteers stepped up to make the event memorable. Sale highlights are as follows:


The National Ram Sale

Heber City Utah, Saturday, October 9, 2021.


290 Rams and 75 ewes sold for a grand total of $ 360,650.


The Top Selling Ram was an outstanding Suffolk Stud Ram consigned by Heupel Farms of Colorado sold to Slack Farms in Wisconsin for $5200. 


Top Sellers by breed are as follows:

Hampshire Rams: consigned by Weston Borcher, Wyoming brought $1200 each.


Suffolk Yearling Rams: consigned by Nick & Karen Maneotis, Colorado brought $1650 each.


Suffolk Ram Lambs: consigned by Nick & Karen Maneotis sold for $1350 each.


Suffolk Stud Ram: consigned by Heupel Farms brought $5200.


Hampshire/Suffolk Cross Rams: offered by Borcher Sheep Company brought $2500 each.


Hampshire/Suffolk Cross Lambs: consigned by Rod Wille, Colorado sold for $1400 each.

Rambouillet Yearling Rams: consignment was demonstrated by three lots selling for $1400 each.  One pen was consigned by Andrea Maneotis, and two pens consigned by Legacy Sheep Company. 


Rambouillet Range Ram Lambs: brought $900 each, consigned by Legacy Sheep Company, Utah.


The high selling Rambouillet Stud Ram was consigned by Forbes & Rabel out of Wyoming, this ram was the Top Certified Ram in the Nation, he brought $4100.


Rambouillet/Columbia Cross: consigned by Borcher Sheep Company brought $900 each.


Rambouillet/Columbia Cross lambs: consigned by 3P Livestock brought $700 each. 


Targhee Rams: consigned by Clover Meadows, Montana brought $3600 each. The high selling Targhee Stud Ram was a RR, Twin February born lamb: consigned by Flying V Livestock, Utah he sold for $2,000.


Columbia Ram Lambs: brought $1000 sold by Roath Columbias, Utah.


Columbia Stud Ram: consigned by Steinmetz Columbia of South Dakota sold for $1600.


To wrap up the sale 25 commercial ewe lambs were sold by Legacy Sheep Company for $375 and Helle Rambouillet sold two pens of 25 yearlings for $425 and $450 per head.  


By the numbers the sale was a success.


The National Ram Sale strives to provide you an experience wherein you will return annually to continue building your flock around premier genetics. With educational opportunities, and an amazing complementary lamb meal, this event is one that you won't want to miss next year. 


 The National Ram Sale will be the sheep sale, social event, and networking event of the nation to attend in 2022.


Our profound thanks to our consignors, buyers, and sponsors! 

See y'all next year!

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