This is a collection of select rams from across the US from elite breeders who have been invited to present their rams to buyers who want to increase their flock's productivity. 


3P Livestock

3P farm is located in Erda Utah, owned and operated by Robert Pitt and Family. I first got into the sheep business through helping my dad growing up on his registered Columbia farm. I always knew that I would own my own flock and raise range rams one day. I started raising club lambs for my children to show at county and state fairs at about the age of 30.  Shortly after I started raising Columbia and Rambouillet rams. 3P farms strives to have big boned, fast gaining lambs with good quality fleeces. Lambs that have a high yield and can also produce the same type of lambs.  
We look forward to attending the National Ram Sale and look forward to the experience and opportunity it will bring to the sheep industry. 


Roath Columbias

Roath Columbias are great quality and proven range rams. All rams will be semen tested to assure of the highest quality. All rams are RR or QR. Great proven genetics.
More pounds of lambs
+ More pounds of wool
= More money in your pockets.

Columbia 2018 ram.jpg

Steinmetz Columbias

Luke and Nina Steinmetz and family have been raising registered Columbia sheep for over 30 years on the western plains of South Dakota, striving to create the best gentle giant possible.   Columbia sheep are a dual-purpose breed that can carry a 12–13-pound beautiful white fleece on a large muscular framed ewe and ram.  That is what draw this family to start raising this breed of sheep, pounds of wool and big lambs. 

Borcher Hamp.jpg

Borcher Sheep Co

Borcher Sheep Company is located in northwest Wyoming. We have bred competitive, registered seedstock and high-quality range rams for many years. We sell our genetics at numerous national shows and ram sales across the country. Our sheep have always been appreciated and well-received by our customers. Structurally sound and functional sheep have always remained a top priority in our program. In addition, our rams have received top honors at the Newell Ram Sale winning the Premier Pen of the sale and we have also received a best consignment plaque at the Craig Ram Sale. We encourage you to stop by our pens and check out our consignment. We are proud of this set and feel this is our best offering to date. Please reach out to us if you any questions. We’d love to tell you more about our offering.

IMG_2922 (1) - Rod Wille.jpg

Rod Wille

The Wille Ranch is located 10 miles South of Steamboat Springs, Colorado. We have raised Rambouillet and Hamp-Cross sheep for the last 38 years. We are happy to be attending the National Ram Sale with a pen of 5 Hampshire influenced ram lambs. Our pen of rams goes back to Mavencamp and Poe breeding stock on the sire side and raised out of our own brood ewes we have retained over the years. Our rams are very nicely patterned and well balanced that offer plenty of muscle shape. Please stop by our pen and see Pete, Charnel or Rod for more information on sale day. Thanks for having us in Heber City!


Alma Blonquist

Alma Blonquist is the oldest of 5 kids born to Cliff and Kathleen Blonquist. He worked for Geary Construction for 58 years before retiring at age 77. During that time and still to this day is revered as one of the best road grader and crane operators ever! He partnered with his brother Earl to create Blonquist Bros. While Alma and Earl had sheep that they owned together, Alma always had his own small herd of Purebred Rambouillet ewes. He and his wife Janet raise top quality range rams in which they sell at various sales in Utah and Colorado. His sheep were always known for their top notch quality and condition in which they are presented. Alma gives all the credit to his wife Janet for feeding their sheep so well. Alma has always said  "Don't make a bale of hay heavier than your wife can carry." Blonquist Bros. Rambouillets have turned heads at just about every sale they attend. This year will be no different. Look for our pen of 5 Yearling Range Rams at The National Ram Sale.


Ben Keyes

I am a 4th generation sheep rancher and, I have been raising registered Rambouillets for 20 years. I first got started by trading my blackface ewes to Richard Osmond for Rambouilllets. I have focused my operation on raising a sheep that will make money on all ends.  My rams entered in the sale this year will all be at least a Twin, have a codon of RR, and a 70's fleece or better.


Benz Rambouillet

Benz Rambouillet is a sixth generation sheep operation, now located in NE 
Kansas. Our registered Rambouillet adventure started in 1972 in SW North Dakota.  We have been performance testing for over 30 years and have been on NSIP for seven years.
We emphasize early growth, mothering/milk, and structurally correct, easy keeping sheep. Our ewes run on grass as much as possible. The lambs, including these rams, are on grass from 60 days on. There are no self-feeders on our place. They have all their shots and will have their feet trimmed and been poured twice before the sale.
We have two pens of rams in the sale. A pen of three yearling rams that are big framed rams that are above breed average in PWWT and GFW. In the top 25% for USRANGE, MWWT and top 10% for NLB. Average fiber diameter in March was 23. We used and have lambs on the ground out of one of these rams.
Our pen of four fall rams is the real deal. Born in September/October 2020. These are growthy rams with outstanding numbers. We have used two of these rams ourselves. They are in the top 10% of the breed in PWWT, GFW, Western Range Index, NLB, and MWWT. Their average fiber diameter in March was 21. Don’t let their age scare you, they are ready to go.
We’ll have pictures and videos of the rams on our Facebook page in 
late September.

bERT IN lOUI.jpg

Dry Creek Rambouillets

Dry Creek Rambouillets are located on the southern end of the Black Hills of South Dakota.  The Jessica Steinmetz Family has been raising polled and horned rambouillets since 2004.  The flock size on average is 60 to 70 registered ewes shed lambed is January and February, keeping only 15 to 20 of the most complete polled or horned range rams for show and sale.  Participating in the show ring and bringing home trinkets is part of the family vacation. The family motto is “You take into the ring, only the sheep you would want to keep in your flock.”  Dry Creek Rambouillets market their sheep at  the National Rambouillet Show and Sale, Wyoming State Ram Sale, Newell Ram Show and Sale, and private sales from the ranch in Hot Springs, SD.  This will be the first time to participate at the National Ram Sale in Utah and are looking forward to   bringing four range rams, one stud ram lamb, and one stud yearling ram.

image001 (4).png


Forbes and Rabel Rambouillets is a family owned registered/purebred Rambouillet sheep operation in Kaycee, Wyoming. They have been raising Rambouillet sheep for more than 40 years. Their main focus is raising functional sheep with high quality fleeces. Performance testing is an integral part of their operation and they send rams every year to North Dakota and the University of WY ram tests. They feel that performance data is a useful tool to continue to improve, not only fleeces but rate of gain and carcass quality. 

helle ram.jpg

Helle Rambouillet

Helle Rambouillet specializes in providing quality breeding stock. We pride ourselves in our fine wool which is now available through Duckworth.  
Helle Rambouillet, producers of fine wool sheep. We are a third-generation family sheep ranch located in the town of Dillion, in beautiful Southwest Montana. We run a fine wool range sheep operation that offers replacement ewes and Rambouillet rams for sale. Our Rambouillet sheep are very versatile, they produce fine wool and competitive carcasses. We are offering a lot of commercial Rambouillet ewes; range ready, herded, and with exceptional wool. 

Ram write up Picture.jpg

Legacy Sheep Company

These are the supreme quality rams resulting from over a half century of selective breeding that you have come to expect from Legacy Sheep Company! Rams will be offered exclusively at The National Ram Sale in 2021.  With a strict focus on structure, these open faced, large framed rams, with clean fronts are wrapped in a fine fleece package. Legacy Rams are superior good milking, easy herding replacement ewe sires that are the future of your flock. As always we stand behind our rams, we guarantee they will perform for you! 
One Stud Ram will be offered along with several pens of yearling rams and a select pen of ram lambs. Don’t settle for just a ram. Build your future with a Legacy.


Richard Osmond

Richard Osmond has long been associated with the finest Rambouillet sheep available.  His legendary genetics have resulted in quantum leaps in productivity in flocks all across the nation for well over a half century.  The Osmond Rambouillets are known for their supreme wool quality which includes both fine micron numbers as well as long staple.  Osmond raised ewes are renown for their excellent milk, supreme mothering ability and correct conformation.  Richard is a fan of forage raised sheep which has resulted in rams that are easily kept in good breeding condition.  Richard has now retired and this will be one of the last opportunities to purchase Osmond genetics.  Inspect this consignment closely and you will find a superior group of rams that will make a significant contribution to your ewe flock! 


Milton Taft

The Taft Rambouillet flock was created back in the 1980's from a ewe acquisition from Boyer Rambouillets.  This base ewe flock was then added to when the Brigham Young University flock was added upon their dispersal in the 1990's.  Since that time we have used Boyer/Legacy genetics which have resulted in a flock of fine wooled, large framed sheep that have excellent milk production.  Our rams have and are being used in many of the commercial flocks throughout the west with great success.  We retain only the top end ewe lambs as replacement ewes and select stud rams for use in our flock based on post weaning weight and a 21 or finer micron wool count.  Our rams will produce ewes that will produce twin lambs with excellent weaning weights and replacement ewe lambs that are second to none.  Take a good look at our rams - they will make an improvement in your herd! 

Man 2.JPG

Andrea Maneotis

I have been raising Rambouillet rams for the last 8 years.  I live in Northwest Colorado (Craig Colorado).  My family has been raising rams for over 30 years.  I raise Rambouillets and sell them from the ranch as well as at the Wyoming ram sale, Newell ram sale and the National Ram sale. If you have any questions I would be happy to answer any questions and hope to see you at the National Ram Sale.

banner bute.jpg

Banner Butte Lambs

I have raised sheep pretty much my whole life.  My wife Janice and I started raising show lambs in 1995.  From the beginning our focus was on raising pounds of quality lamb as quickly as possible while maintaining structural soundness, good udders and mothering ability.  As a professor of Meat Science, I have always placed significant emphasis on carcass traits.  In 2016, we became frustrated with the show lamb industry. We enrolled in NSIP to work on economically important traits, accurately track our progress, and contribute long-term to the industry.  We took our most rugged, fastest growing, heaviest muscled ewes and bred them to a proven NSIP ram from Michigan State University. His great grandson Caliber is one of the top proven rams of the breed with a Carcass + EBV of over 165. Our lamb crop this year averaged 146.4 for Carcass + and were all superior to the national average for the Suffolk breed. We are bringing our five best ram lambs to this sale.  All have Carcass+ EBV’s over 148.7.  The yearling ram pictured shows the kind of growth, muscle, and structural correctness we are producing.  I love to talk sheep so if you have any questions about our consignment please do not hesitate to call, text or email me.


Blonquist Bros.
& Sons

Bunker Hill Farm is owned by Bill and Susan Shultz of Ohio. We have been marketing performance-based terminal sire Suffolk rams into the western range region for over two decades. Our personal relationship with many of the region’s leading growers and producers has enabled us to understand their needs and priorities for terminal sire selection. We have recently partnered with Cael, Luke, and Lane Blonquist and have relocated our entire ewe flock to Coalville, Utah.
With their cooperation we will continue to use the latest in molecular and quantitative genetic technology to advance superior trait selection. Bunker Hill’s primary focus will continue to be our commitment to performance genetics specifically designed to enhance profitability of the intermountain sheep producer.

BUnker Hill.jpg

Bunker Hill Farms

Blonquist Brothers sheep operation was founded by Earl "Sam" and Alma Blonquist. Earl started while he was in high school with a small flock of Suffolk ewes. The operation grew as he took over his father-in-law Leon Judd's commercial sheep operation. When Leon was set to retire Earl purchased the cow-calf operation. The operation has grown over the years and now incorporates Earl's sons Wesley and Gavin, and grandsons Cutler, Cael, Luke, & Lane. Wesley and his son Cutler manage the commercial sheep, while Gavin and his sons Cael, Luke, & Lane manage the cattle and registered sheep operation. In 2016, the Suffolk sheep were enrolled in the National Sheep Improvement Program. We feel using EBV's along with visual selection criteria has greatly improved our registered Suffolk sheep performance. In 2020; Cael, Luke & Lane partnered with Bill & Susan Schultz of Bunker Hill Farm on 15 ewes. In June of 2021, the entire Bunker Hill Flock was relocated to Coalville and will be under the management of Cael, Luke, & Lane. The rams coming to the National Ram Sale will be among the top indexing rams in NSIP.  We're excited to see you in Heber City!

image001 (3).png

Culham & Stevens LLC

The Culham & Stevens flock was established in 1961. A partnership was formed in 1984 between Alan Culham & Morrie Stevens that remains in existence today.
In 1988, the flock enrolled in the National Sheep Improvement Program (NSIP) and has had over 3,000 head with genetic evaluations. With growth rate being a primary selection criterion, the flock has emerged as the premier source for Suffolk growth genetics in the world. One hundred thirty-six Culham & Stevens rams have sired offspring in NSIP producing 2774 progeny that have been evaluated. 
Culham & Stevens has focused on improving those terminal sire traits of the most economic importance to the commercial sheep producer. The 2021, Culham & Stevens lambcrop has an average post weaning (120 day) estimated breeding value (EBV) of 10.7 kg (23.5 lbs.). With one half of that value transmitted to their offspring, a realized additional 11.8 pounds per lamb of additional growth is expected when compared to a EBV value of “0” or an additional return of nearly $30 more per lamb at a price of $2.50 per pound. 
We are proud to offer 14 rams in the National Ram Sale, with four being “Elite” stud rams. Culham & Stevens is looking forward to seeing several of our old friends as well as making many new ones in Heber City!

rams June 05 for ad.JPG

Mint Gold Ranch

Mint Gold Ranch has entered data on growth and carcass traits to NSIP for 26 years.  Our sales have been mainly in the Midwest with some sales going to the east and west coasts.  We focus on production traits and not on the show ring.  The ewes and rams need to provide excellent growth and/or muscle mass or they are culled.  Rams to be sold are developed in a drylot of hay with a small amount of grain.  Ewes are on pasture with a small amount of grain.  Buyers will find that our sheep will transition easily to a 
new setting.

IMG_3018 (2).jpg

Heupel Farms

Kurt and Carol Heupel farm and ranch in Weldona, Colorado. Kurt is a 2nd  generation Suffolk breeder raising range rams. Carol raised sheep in High School as her FFA project and met Kurt in College. We continued raising our own flock after we married and started farming. Heupel Farms has been consigning rams at numerous ram sales over the last 26 years: Newell, Craig, Wyoming, Utah, California and now the National Ram Sale. Awarded top Suffolk consignment, and selling high selling pens at each sale we are committed to raising top quality rams for the buyers. Structural correctness, muscle, growth and longevity all are selection criteria when selecting new sires, retaining replacements and picking consignment rams. Heupel Farms started in Colorado with a 135-acre farm and is now over 700 acres. We raise alfalfa hay, corn, wheat and other hay crops. The sheep graze pastures spring thru fall (when the weather cooperates) and we make sure all rams get time to learn how to eat and forage before being sold. The rest of the year they are fed home grown hay and some corn to reach their potential. We are committed to maintaining excellent records at lambing time and for growth measurements. Our rams work well for our customers and we have many repeat buyers across the country. We are proud to be bringing a really top set of yearlings and lambs to The National Ram Sale. We look forward to seeing old friends, and meeting new ones. See you in Heber City!


Blattner Suffolks

Blattner Suffolks has been producing high quality range rams since 1989. Our rams have been consistently purchased by many of the major Idaho range producers for many years. These thick, structurally correct rams are proven to work well in tough western range conditions. Jack and Lori and their three children live south of Kuna, Idaho on the family farm which has been in the family since 1917. Our children are committed to raising these sheep into the next generation and we are excited to be part of the inaugural National Ram Sale.


Jorgen Olsen

We are excited to be consignors at the National Ram Sale with our blackface rams.  We are brother and sister following in the footsteps of several generations of range ram producers; our father is John Olsen who is the son of Norman "Charlie" Olsen. 
We have been in the sheep industry our entire lives helping with the sheep and competing in 4H/FFA Jr. market and breeding shows. We are carrying on the legacy of thick quality Rams ready to go 
to work.


Jerry Sweeney

We started raising registered suffolks 24 years ago with the purchase of 10 head of Orville Corey ewes. Over the years we have added ewes from Ron Dreher and Larry Pauly. At current time, we are running 30 head of registered Suffolk ewes. Current studs are Begg 228 and our Geske ram JMG 2005. Both rams are high growth rams. We will be bringing ram lambs out of both rams.


Cannon River Suffolks

Cannon River Suffolks in Kilkenny, Minnesota, is owed and operated by John Scott and his wife Christy. John’s family has been raising sheep for over 40 years. In 2012, John took over the management of the family sheep flock and made a commitment to return to a registered Suffolk breeding program. In 2015, Cannon River Suffolks joined NSIP and started incorporating NSIP data into breeding selection.
Today, the flock has about 40 registered, NSIP Suffolk ewes. The flock also has about 20 commercial Suffolk-Polypay crosses. Integrating NSIP genetics and using the data tools of NSIP, Cannon River Suffolks strives to maintain Suffolks that look aesthetically pleasing and carry production traits. To John and Christy, this means ewes that have maintain through the summer on pasture grass alone, and have maternal ability at lambing. The flock uses sires whose lambs look good, gain fast, and maintain good muscle and bone.
John has an off the farm job as an attorney, working with area farm families in estate planning and trust administration, and preserving his client’s farm assets for future generations. Christy recently retired from a 25 year career with the U.S. Air Force, and currently works as a 911 dispatcher for a local county. 


Nick & Karen Maneotis

We live in Craig in the northwest corner of Colorado.  We have been raising range rams for over 30 years.  Our rams are sold at the National Ram Sale, Wyoming Ram sale, and Newell ram sale— as well as off the ranch.
We will have Suffolk and Suffolk X Hampshire rams at the National Ram sale.  Both yearlings and lambs. Please call 970-629-2719 if you have any questions about our consignment.

R&R flock picture.JPG

R&R Suffolks

Randy Hodges started raising Suffolks with his father and brother in the early 1960’s in southeast Nebraska. R&R Suffolks was established when Randy married Ruth in 1979. The flock started with 30 ewes just outside of Memphis, TN where Randy and Ruth managed a 600-head commercial flock. In 1981, the Hodges family and their sheep moved to Michigan, where they have remained ever since. R&R Suffolks have always emphasized producing three-dimensional sheep with good breed character that could produce in the commercial sheep industry. Ten years ago the flock enrolled in the National Sheep Improvement Project (NSIP) and began to incorporate seedstock from Bunker Hill Farm, Culham & Stevens, Reau Suffolks, and Mint Gold Ranch with the goal of producing fast-growing rams with good carcass qualities.
We have sold rams in the past to Utah, Wyoming, and Colorado, and are honored to be invited to consign to the National Ram Sale. Our consignment consists of a pen of 3 yearling rams and a pen of 3 ram lambs. We look forward to meeting you and sharing how R&R Suffolks’ rams can work for your flock.

Ram group horizontal.jpg

Reau Suffolks

Reau Suffolks is located in southeastern Michigan. Mark and Brenda Reau have been married for 43 years and have raised Suffolks for the last 40 years. Their operation focuses on producing performance sheep to meet the needs of the commercial industry. They have been enrolled in NSIP for over 20 years and by using EBV’s have attained excellent growth and muscle in their flock. Half of their lamb crop is sold to other seedstock producers and half goes to large commercial operations. Brenda is the current president of the Michigan Sheep Producers Association. She also serves on the United Suffolk Sheep Association, NSIP, and National Sheep Industry Improvement Association Board 
of Directors.

Snapseed (7).jpg

V/ Ranch

Sam and Cheri Robinson are the proud owners of V/ Ranch in Northwestern Colorado. Their big pure bred Suffolk rams/ram lambs are born on the desert and range hardened at elevation in the Rocky Mountains, and ready to go to work for you. When we say the are tough —we mean it. Come and see them in Heber and make them a part of your breeding program. 


Flying V Livestock

Registered Suffolk and Targhee Sheep grown in the High Country of Southern Utah. Flying V Livestock is pleased to consign 4 lots to The National Ram Sale. We will be bringing 1 pen of 5 Yearling Suffolk rams, 1 pen of 3 Suffolk Ram Lambs, 1 Suffolk Stud Ram Lamb, 1 Targhee Stud Ram Lamb with VonKrosigk breeding. We have selected seedstock and built our breeding program to provide our customers with quality production oriented sheep.  Our registered seedstock and range ready rams are well balanced,  have plenty of length, wide and clean over the top with tremendous carrying capacity and depth of rib, good muscle and bone.  Our range ram customers have loved the rams for their ability to go to work, travel and forage in the breeding pastures maintain good feet, legs and body condition and get the job done. We look forward to meeting you in Heber City, Utah! Come check us out!


JMG Suffolks

JMG Suffolks focuses on elite genetics for growth, with over 40 years of performance testing to produce lambs that are heavier at weaning and reach market weight faster. I calculate adjusted 60 and 90 day weights on all my lambs and submit data on my entire flock to NSIP. 
I believe Suffolks also need to be structurally sound, rugged-boned and have the body capacity to survive range conditions. I am proud to consign a pen of 3 Suffolk Range Ram lambs that are all sired by top ram from last year - "Trial by Combat" JMG 2025RR (lead ram in my ad in the Sheep Industry News). These ram lambs are in the top 10% of the breed for growth EBVs. 


Amanda Olsen

We are excited to be consignors at the National Ram Sale with our blackface rams.  We are brother and sister following in the footsteps of several generations of range ram producers; our father is John Olsen who is the son of Norman "Charlie" Olsen. 
We have been in the sheep industry our entire lives helping with the sheep and competing in 4H/FFA Jr. market and breeding shows. We are carrying on the legacy of thick quality Rams ready to go 
to work.


Brandon Olsen

Brandon Olsen is the grandson of legendary Snell Olsen—Suffolk sheep runs in his veins. After a brief hiatus, Brandon and Jed Olsen got back into raising purebred Suffolks sheep and have been sourcing the highest quality ewes and rams throughout the state of Utah ever since. Now in their 5th year of selective breeding they have purebred suffolks rams and ewe lambs for sale. Some of the rams for sale at the NRS come from stock from Larry and Linda Pauley in Delta, UT. 


of Idaho

The U of I Sheep Center provides sheep, facilities, and support staff to conducting research, teaching and outreach programs to benefit the sheep industry in Idaho. As part of the undergraduate, animal and veterinary science curriculum, students get hands-on experience with sheep handling, lambing, sheering, breeding, feeding, vaccinating and marketing. Washington State University veterinary students also train at the center. 
The center consists of about 130 acres. The ewe flock of about 300 ewes is comprised of Suffolk Targhee and Polypay ewes. 


Clover Meadows Ranch

We are excited to be participating in the first National Ram Sale in Heber City! We have sold rams at the Miles City ram sale, the USTSA National sale and private treaty but welcome this new opportunity to sell our rams. The rams are from a B-Ovis free flock from registered sires and dams with primarily Montana genetics. They were born in late March to early April 2020 and were weaned August 12, 2020. They were sheared, wormed, poured and given Covexin 8 on February 27, 2021. They have summered on native grass at the base of the Tobacco Root Mountains near Sheridan. We participate in the NSIP program and evaluate our ewes and rams based upon conformation and past performance, as well as utilizing NSIP EBV’s for a balance in maternal and wool traits. Full NSIP data and pedigree information will be available at the sale or on our website. Feel free to call us to visit. Look forward to seeing you!


Tom and Leslie Maneotis

Leslie has been raising bucks for about 20 years to sell them and use them her own program. She got her start purchasing 20 yearling ewes that were raised by BYU.
Since then she has been using only the best stud rams that compliment of the ewe herd to raise excellent sheep.


Your Ranch Name Here

This could be you! Apply next year!


Your Ranch Name Here

This could be you! Apply next year!


Stud Rams will be sold after commercial pens in each breed. Our goal regarding stud rams
is to provide you with the elite rams available in the United States.  Please pay particular attention to these rams, as they will be premium rams and they will make quantum leaps
in productivity in your flocks.  They will be heavily screened and evaluated for inclusion in the sale as a stud ram providing you with confidence that they are superior individuals in
all respects.  

The following consignors are offering Stud Rams:

Suffolk Stud Ram Lamb
   Blonquist Bros. & Sons
   Flying V Livestock
   Banner Butte Lambs
   Bunker Hill Farm
   Jerry Sweeney
   Culham & Stevens LLC (2)

Suffolk Stud Yearling Ram
   Blonquist Bros. & Sons
   Culham & Stevens LLC (2)
   Heupel Farms
   Jack Blattner
   Cannon River Suffolks
   Nick & Karen Maneotis
   Reau Suffolks
   Mint Gold Ranch (2)

Targhee Stud Ram Lamb
   Flying V Livestock
Columbia Stud Ram Lamb
   Roath Columbias
   Steinmetz Columbias
Columbia Stud Yearling Ram
    Roath Columbias
    Steinmetz Columbias

Rambouillet Stud Ram Lamb
     Dry Creek Rambouillets

Rambouillet Stud Yearling Ram
     Dry Creek Rambouillets
     Ben Keyes
     Benz Rambouillet
     Forbes and Rabel
     Helle Rambouillet
     Legacy Sheep Company