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The National Ram Sale


This is a collection of select rams from across the US from elite breeders who have been invited to present their rams to buyers who want to increase their flock's productivity.


Historically, the National Ram Sale was the sheep sale, social event, and networking event of the nation. The finest sheep were assembled for inspection and evaluation by buyers from across the country. The social and networking aspects were also second to none. In some respects, the National Ram Sale was the core of the US Sheep Industry as it provided stud rams, stud ewes, and range rams from which our sheep industry was built. There was always a marvelous spirit of camaraderie and friendship.

Our goal has been to resurrect that same spirit, that same networking and social experience which are all centered around a select group of rams that have been produced by the consignors and presented for your inspection. Only the best producers with the best rams in the nation have been invited to be part of this landmark event. Our goal is to sell you the best set of rams you have ever purchased. Our blackface ram consignors have been invited based on their commitment to excellence in genetics, ram performance data and excellence in feeding, all of which will increase your lamb income.  If you are in the market for white rams, this will be your only opportunity to purchase the reputation rams you can build your future flock around. There will be data available on many of these premier rams and their wool quality as always be second to none. Perhaps most important, our goal is also to provide you an experience wherein you will return annually to continue building your flock around our premier genetics. 

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Long Live the Sheep Industry

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